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Doomsayer Nerf

This nerf Doomsayer barrel spacer bracket and mod part offers an intense experience with a difference, thisbaby-dolitelli style barrel is sensational for a rapid fire shotgun error less than 4 shot per take. The Doomsayer inspired design with its unique spacer bracket makes this is an unique gun and valuable for or shooting nature's ways, this nerf Doomsayer gun is an essential part of any shotgun enthusiast's arsenal.

Doomsayer Nerf Ebay

This is a Doomsayer nerf that allows you to adopt your gun in quick and facile sequence, by using this Doomsayer nerf you can keep your team on track and on the right track. This is done by firing a quick-fireing dart at it's trigger in the same amount of time as using the feature "doomsayer", this makes your gun less to run out of rounds during tight situations. This part is for the Doomsayer barrel spacer, it is a short piece of metal that stands off of the weapon's barrel and helps to reduce muzzle trip and barrel movement. It is a required part for the gun to fire quickly and accurately, the part helps increase the doomsayer's fire rate by recoil.