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Nerf 25 Dart Drum

Introducing the nerf 25 Dart drum, which Dart drums at each end with high-pressure air chambers, this Drum provides access to the latest in 5. 6 ghz technology for endless customization and is compatible with the n-strikehyperfire series of drums.

Nerf 25 Dart Drum Amazon

The nerf 25 Dart Drum is a powerful Drum that features 25 darts per side, it is valuable for effective hitting prey, including humans. The Drum is manufactured of durable materials, and it is sure to stop any animal in its tracks, this is a replacement Dart clip for the nerf elite 25 gun. It is manufactured of durable plastic and offers a red color in it, it is in like manner clip-able at an angle of 30 degrees. The clip can also be adjusted to an angle of 45 degrees, the Dart clip is in like manner adjustable for height. This is a nerf n-strike elite 25 round Dart Drum magazine clip mag, it is orange and provides a nerf n-strike elite symbol on it. It is about 25 rounds strong, the nerf 25 Dart Drum is a fantastic substitute to add some nerf gear to your gaming builds! This Drum is manufactured of durable plastic and gives a few lights and sounds built in. The 25 Dart drums can be used for just about any epic game you can think of, from to mute city to city streets in the night.