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Nerf Double Strike

This pistol revolver gun blaster is an unrivaled tool for when you need a moment of protection! This blaster grants two deadly strikes that can easily take down an enemy before they have a chance to do anything, other benefits include a tested work system and a rechargeable battery. Make sure your friends and family are safe with this first-rate for use nerf gun blaster.

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Nerf Zombie Double Strike

This nerf zombie Double Strike blaster will put an end to each zombie attempt to Strike back, it features a soft dart pistol gun that makes damage possible while the paint is still in the air. This nerf zombie pistol is top-grade for when you need to keep your zombies under control, the Double Strike technology means that you can keep your zombies in the fight even when they're weak. The nerf zombie Strike Double shotgun blaster is a best-in-class addition to your tactical gear, this blaster is designed to handle big hitters and is equipped with barrel breaks. It comes with an 2009 tested yellow orange nerf zombie Strike knife and needs an ammo magazine, this nerf blaster is an excellent addition to your n-strike elite toy line. This toy gives two shots that can easily put away an important part of the world - a battlefield, the blaster is fabricated of durable plastic and offers an easy-to-use detachable magazine. This toy is a terrific addition to your n-strike elite line-up and is a peerless way to add some spice to your hobby.