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Nerf Elite Blaster Rack

This nerf Elite Blaster Rack is a top-notch surrogate to store your blasters, it comes with 6 brands of blasters and is new. You can also it to suit your needs, this Rack is sure to keep your blasters safe and secure.

Nerf Gun Stand

This Elite Blaster Rack is prime for your nerf guns and other memorabilia, the stand is fabricated of heavy-duty metal and plastic material, and is 15" w x 15" l x 15" it grants two shelves, each of which can be filled with your blasters. The stand also gives two hinge points, one on the top left side and the other on the top right side, the Rack is then able to open up to the inside with the two blades. The stand also features a release button and handle, so that it can be easily taken down if you don't want to keep it, this nerf Blaster Rack is top-rated for holding all your nerf blasters. The sleek design will make your room look brand new, the nerf Blaster Rack can hold six blasters, making it valuable for use on a battlefield. The sturdy construction will keep your blasters safe and sound, this Elite Blaster Rack storage is exquisite for holding up to 20 blasters ammo, mag magazines, or even up to 20 ingram notice cards. The Rack is fabricated of sturdy metal and features a baltimore, maryland-made filet mignon design, it's a peerless alternative to keep your blasters and mags organized and hunting big! The nerf Elite Blaster Rack is a first rate alternative to keep your blasters safe and facile in your closet. The stylish Rack is manufactured of sturdy materials and features six sturdy shelves that can easily hold your gear, the nerf Elite Blaster Rack is sure to keep your gear clean and organized.