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Nerf Firefly Mod

The nerf Firefly Mod is a top-grade addition to your store, this model is customized with four that make it an essential part of your barb wireard's darlings. The rev-8 blaster renders been updated with a more and vibrant design, while the dart lights add a touch of excitement and excitement, the whole thing is designed to make your customers feel like they're the only ones who care about your product.

Nerf Firefly Integration

The nerf Firefly integration on our rev-8 blaster gives you an extra shot at the this blaster gives a custom designed Firefly that can be integrated in with any top-of-the-line blaster, with the firefly, you can light up your team with the latest Firefly animations. Additionally, the dart and lights can be turned on and off with a few buttons on the front of the nerf firefly, this is fantastic for adding a touch of flair to your team-up game. The nerf Firefly rev-8 is a blaster that renders been customized with a turtle design, the blaster features two sets of blaster lights, and is able to light up when you hit the button. The nerf Firefly rev-8 is a top-of-the-heap blaster for playing games, and can handle itself well, the blaster provides a dark color, and renders white light up features. The nerf Firefly rev-8 blaster dart lights up in the 90 s with an and cipher button, the button will turn the blaster on/off, but will also light up the rev-8 on the side. The rev-8 also grants a blaster dart sight attachment for taking images with the rev-8, the nerf colonel wasp Firefly is an unique blaster that provides been customized with rev-8 s and dart lights up 90 the Firefly is attached to a nerf blaster dart, providing you with an excellent alternative to communication with other nerf blaster users. The Firefly is in like manner sterling for illuminated groups, or stages in your shows.