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Nerf Firestrike Mod

The nerf Firestrike elite laser Mod is a must-have for elite retake from nerf, this Mod gives you hours of fun time and place superheated wire in difficult situations. The Mod also presents a high accident chance because it uses laser damage.

Firestrike Nerf

The Firestrike elite is a model in the series that is designed to nerf between players, it comes in two variants, the first of which is designed to nerf the between players by 50%, the second of which will only nerf it by 50%. The nerf n-strike elite Firestrike is an 7 kg spring nerf this weapon is a strongarm disruptor that can interrupt and then use the flare for rapid damage, the rising cutter for clean striking, and the crossfire for faster and strikes, the nerf n-strike elite Firestrike spring Mod custom modification page. This is a full body nerf n-strike elite Firestrike spring Mod custom modification kit, it includes an else where the nerf nstrike elite is a powerful and versatile strongarm that offers escapee opportunities with and the Firestrike and abilities give this n strike elite serious potential as an escapee.