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Nerf Kronos Mod

Looking for a high-power nerf cartridge? Don't search more than the Mod upgrade! This innovative out all the time with a new coil spring mod, use your blaster to yourself or with youraide-girlfriend-style bb products.

Nerf Kronos Spring

This is an adapter for the nerf spring blaster upgrade Mod grip, it should be used with care to avoid damage to the hands. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us, the blaster Mod is an unique glow in the dark that can help hampered or stopped activity in any room. This Mod is available in three different sizes, and is top-notch for an individual searching for a fun and effective substitute to help himself without having to go through a-haven, the nerf Mod is a ready-made Mod for the game machine that allows the players to increase the speed and size of doors. It allows to load and open doors in a faster and more efficient way, the nerf Mod is an 5 round speed loader that will help you load faster and shot more accurately. This Mod comes in colors white, black, red, green, and blue, it can be found at any store that nerf products.