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Nerf Laser Tag Set

The nerf Laser strike 4-player Laser Tag blaster Set is unequaled for playing in an indoor or outdoor setting! This Set of two nerf Laser Tag blaster setters and attractors are designed to keep playing with two young children while they are playing.

Nerf Laser Tag Set Ebay

The nerf Laser strike 4-player Laser Tag blaster Set is a top-rated choice to insurance your Tag team victory, this Set of 4 blasters imparts nothing on your competition and is fantastic for on-the-go play or in the pool. This nerf Laser Tag Set is terrific for playing by yourself or with friends, the blue and gold ltx guns make it a basic game of tag. The nerf Laser strike 2 player vibrating Laser Tag blaster Set is an enticing surrogate to make your Tag game even more fun and intense! With two nerf Laser Tag guns available in either a constant or adjustable power mode, this Set makes playing your Tag game a facile and fun experience, the constant power mode leaves you with just a few light options, while the adjustable power mode allows for endless possibilities and completely customize the intensity of the lights and sound. This nerf air-bunker Set comes with 8 air-batteries and 8 paintball balls, it is splendid for playing paintball or air-soft with your friends. The easy-to-use controls make it facile to lose yourself in the game, the Set also includes an inflatable health pack which can restore power to the 8 batteries.