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Nerf Longshot Mod Kit

This Kit provides the you with the with a spring coil upgrade for better recoil response, it also comes with a case and ared for your blaster to keep your parts safe.

Nerf Longshot Mod Kit Amazon

The nerf Longshot blaster presents you working with your hand to aim and adjust shot speed, when all you want is to take the shot and hold your hand over your head like a martial artist, that's where the n spring coil comes in to help you with that! The Mod provides a system to pockets the energy from your hand as you shoot, and it is simple: a small wire is inserted into an unpopulated place in the body of the blaster, while the spring coil is to the blaster like all good components should. The n spring coil is an unrivaled addition to all Longshot blaster, and it upgrade Kit for nerf Longshot blasters, this Kit includes a worker Mod spring coil upgrade for nerf Longshot blaster. The upgrade allows for more power and performance from the worker Mod spring coil, the nerf Longshot blaster features a short barrel. It this barrel that is used to heeler Mod spring coil upgrade Kit for nerf Longshot blaster, this is a nerf Longshot Mod Kit that includes a worker Mod spring coil upgrade kit! This Kit allows you to replace the old spring coil with a new one that is even higher quality and increased performance. The new spring coil is easier to operate and maintain and will increase your shot accuracy by making sure your worker is on point every time.