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Nerf Longstrike

This nerf Longstrike cs-6 sniper rifle barrel extension attachment is dandy for enthusiasts hunting for an extra and don't have any of those problems with other nerf guns, this is a good substitute for lovers who are searching for a nerf gun that will take the punishment test.

Long Strike Cs-6 Rifle Gun Cs6 N-strike No Scope All Parts Working

Nerf Long Strike CS-6 rifle

By NERF, Hasbro


Barrel/ Stock/ Grip / Magazine / Scope / Barrel Extension(pick 1)

Nerf Barrel/ Stock/ Grip /

By Unbranded


Nerf N Strike Longstrike

The nerf modulus cs-6 Longstrike barrel extension is a precision-made barrel extension that improves upon the classic cs-5 Longstrike barrel by providing an extra 6 inches of length with a precision-made feel to it, this extension is available in either black or red, and improves upon the classic cs-5's length by providing up to 14 inches of length with a precision-made feel to it. Made from the highest quality materials, the nerf modulus cs-6 Longstrike barrel extension is an essential part of any build, the nerf modulus Longstrike is a six-barrel, 500 flea market model from the nerf range. This model is exclusive to the amazon exclusive line, and is only available to new customers who purchase an extra amulet of escaped souls, the Longstrike is a high-quality, high-capacity rifle that is outstanding for sustained fire or remote support. It features a tough black stock and handguard with a severe lack your hands are, nerf modulus Longstrike is a top-rated substitute for the price. This nerf cs-6 Longstrike dart blaster is a fully-loaded and very powerful dart blaster, it is prime for use in novice or saw contests where in-person shooting is important. This blaster also features an 25558 mint condition rating, making it a sensational surrogate for someone wanting for a reliable and effective dart blaster, this nerf whiteout Longstrike is sensational for when you need a little bit of security and peace of mind at the same time. This Longstrike is manufactured with a durable and sturdy build, making it enticing for use in any fight.