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Nerf Magazine 18

This is a top-grade way to get your copy of nerf mags, get three different types of mags for your home, office, or car.

Nerf 18 Round Mag

This nerf 18 round mag is a clips alternative for the n-strike n-t-r series of darts, it is compatible with the nerf n-strike it provides an 6 12 15 18 reload darts bullet ammo clip Magazine and is available in the following colors: black, brown, black and gray. This clear nerf Magazine is for the alpha trooper series of firearms, it features a nerf n-strike rounds 18 round ammo drum on top of the gun and a Magazine that holds 18 rounds. The Magazine can be used to increase the firepower of your armor-piercing firearms, the Magazine also comes with a dart clip that allows the user to Magazine to hold 18 rounds. The nerf n strike elite 18 round ammo dart cartridge clip Magazine is terrific for use 18 round magazines, it is equipped with a dart cartridge, which makes it terrific for use in applications firearms is allowed. The Magazine grants a clear plastic cover, which makes it straightforward to read the content of the cartridge, the Magazine is again equipped with a clip, which makes it straightforward to set up. The nerf n strike elite 18 round ammo dart cartridge clip Magazine is a best-in-class alternative for use in firearms applications, this is an unrivaled surrogate to keep your nerf gun running! Two magazines in one straightforward to carry around bag.