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Nerf Modulus Pistol

The nerf Modulus Pistol gun is an outstanding weapon for when you need an assist! This Pistol is designed with a powerful nerf gun in-body which makes it facile to operate and provides plenty of room to carry, the nerf Modulus gun also features a feature which makes it effortless to aim and fire. Finally, the pistol's weight and size make it facile to carry around.

Nerf Modulus Pistol Amazon

The nerf Modulus Pistol is a blaster Pistol that uses Modulus technology, this technology allows pistols to be equipped with nerf ammunition. The Pistol also features a white green attachment which provides a bit of color and interest to a firearm, the nerf Modulus Pistol is a toy dart gun that features Modulus armament. It is available in both a lot and small form, these make top grade guns for toy or gun enthusiasts who adore dart guns. The nerf Modulus Pistol is furthermore a beneficial surrogate for toy gunners who covet an unique gun that can hold its own in a competition, the nerf Modulus Pistol grip attachment is an unrivaled upgrade for any nerf gun! It improves upon the Modulus rifle grip attachment and makes it possible to handle your nerf guns with a more comfortable and productive grip. This gun is designed for use on the dance floor or in the gym, the nerf Modulus Pistol grants a small, but powerful grip and rich design.