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Nerf Modulus Stryfe

The nerf Modulus Stryfe is best blend of black and white parts that offer a crisp sight picture and no guide star to make sure accuracy, with an extended barrel, this rifle is tailored for the outdoor user who needs the power and accuracy of a primary but doesn't have the large weight and lungs that are characteristic of traditional rifles. The nerf Modulus Stryfe features a newer, more accurate model name, the 2022 white green orange.

Nerf Stryfe

This nerf stryfebi-pod sniper scope Modulus 150 darts is a first rate surrogate for enthusiasts that want to get the best views in the market, this scope imparts three nerf blasters stuck in it and makes sure you have two guns at your disposal when playing competitively. This is a Stryfe white long range barrel extension for the -nerf Stryfe -orange, this barrel extension can help increase the range of the Stryfe white short range barrel. The nerf Stryfe Modulus is a that is produced to deliver a more consistent strike than the standard Stryfe modulus, this allows for a greater number of swings with the gun which is valuable for practicing and competitive shooting. The 6 round mag, barrel extension features a new design that improves consistency and accuracy. This is a nerf Modulus Stryfe blaster in white gray, it is a semi-automatic blaster that extends a capacity of three rounds. It is manufactured of plastic and offers a black finish.