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Nerf Raptorstrike Clip

Are you hunting for a new and different alternative to hold and use your nerf gun? If so, then you may be wanting at the Raptorstrike clip, this piece is a peerless addition to nerf gun collection, and it can be used to hold the gun in three different ways: an all-encompassing position, which makes it a bit of a holding position; a bipod position, which gives the user increased range and stability; and a position, which makes it facile to take with you when you're not using the clip. This unique piece of equipment will make your nerf gun look and feel amazing.

Nerf Raptorstrike Clip Ebay

This Clip is designed to tailor the n-strike series of rifles, it is manufactured of durable plastic and imparts a small catch at the top to keep the Clip closed. The Clip is small enough to suit in a rifle's breach, it is "clear" which means it doesn't discolour when used with a bright light. The Clip renders a white design and is about size of a human hair, it is placed "teriorly" of the clip, in the same spot where the top of the Clip . It is fabricated of durable plastic and grants a green anodized aluminum, the Clip is able to hold 6 darts, making it splendid for use with the new weapon. This nerf Raptorstrike Clip is a top substitute to keep your weapon clean and organized, it is 2 darts small enough to suit in a back pocket, and makes a sensational part of any arsenal. This nerf Raptorstrike Clip is for the m1, it is 2 nerf n-strike 6 dart ammo clips wrapped around an 12 dart clip. The clips come with a Raptorstrike m1 sights, this Clip is exceptional for use with your m1.