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Nerf Recon Mk2 Mod

This shadow the n-series by adding the washer and dryer, the Recon Mk2 Mod makes it a total tool set up. This model imparts the following: -12 kg upgrade spring -3200 mah battery -10 set screws -1 plate -1 axle -1 wheel -1 chain -4 onerous cone -1 -1 warship 7+ kg spring for nerf is a top tool set for the wanting to go beyond what the Recon Mk2 Mod offers.

Cheap Nerf Recon Mk2 Mod

This is an 12 kg upgrade spring for nerf retaliator and Recon Mk2 mkii, it will allow these firearms to fire 12. 7 kg rounds with first-class accuracy, this is an 12 kg upgrade for the current nerf Recon Mk2 mkii mk1 Mk2 and any Recon Mk2 mkii. It falls in the 2 kg-12 kg range and is compatible with any nerf Recon or Recon Mk2 mkii, this upgrade provides first-rate value for your nerf weapon! This is a nerf Recon Mk2 Mod for the stormtrooper deluxe. It includes the 7 kg spring, which is more than enough for a successful Recon mission, the nerf Recon Mk2 Mod is a must-have for any nerf stormtrooper deluxe! With this mod, you can ragdoll and and fire shots at dangerous angles with the help of the 7 kg spring.