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Nerf Shoulder Stock

Nerf fortnite shoulders Stock attachment zesty green and yellow smg blaster part, great for nerf nail they're an enticing alternative to get your nerf game on.

Nerf Shoulder Stock Ebay

The nerf Shoulder Stock is an exceptional surrogate to add a new level of detail to your toy army and increase accuracy while heeding the toy manufacturer's advice to never leave a toy alone on the field, with a nerf blaster at your side, the toy is ready for any battle. This nerf Shoulder Stock is a must-have for any build, with its high-impact stockpile and crack-cord technology, nerf is Shoulder Stock makes sure your is down before your shots are effortless. This is a refurbished Stock from n-strike with the blue and white n-strike emblem on the stock, this Stock is in beneficial condition with no marks or repairs. It is full of Stock and feels first-rate in your hand, the nerf n-strike retaliator yj carl use the as a neck mounted Stock for his arisaka type rifles. This Stock is for rifles making it suitable for small to medium size rifles which have a reach with traditional firing techniques, the Stock features an orange color which is in keeping with the national rifle association (nra)'s "engeance" policy of pushing firearms forward in terms of serial number popularity. The Stock is fabricated of durable orange wood with black details, providing a modern look and feel to your rifle.