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Nerf Sonic Series

The nerf Sonic Series is back with a new barrel break! This breach load soft dart gun is top-notch for admirers wanting for an uncomplicated to handle barrel break tool, this tool can be used to pierce through clothing and other materials with ease.

Nerf N Strike Recon

The nerf n-strike barrel break ix-2 is a new soft dart system that allows you to handle your nerf woodscarbine® rifle with aftermarket barrels, this system is top-quality for use nerf n-strike rounds in your events. The break is a top addition to rifle that needs to be mechanical or magazine fed, this system allows you to operate your favorite nerf guns with aftermarket barrels. The nerf elite retaliator Sonic ice Series clear blue blaster is a toy that is designed to destroy electronics, it comes with a top cover that is missing the constituent parts of the toy. However, the toy still functions properly, this is a clear ice round drum that is designed to help increase the power and momentum of nerf n-strike elite it features a coiled hierarchical mine clear ice line with a nerf n-strike elite logo. The drum is adorned with a clear ice mosaic top, the nerf Sonic Series is a new line of nerf guns that are sure to get you started in this line is manufactured up of two types of nerf guns - the neon green toys (which are r us exclusive) and the red lobster doll (which is also r us exclusive). These guns are sure to get you started in to the action early, both guns have 6-position scarfs and 3-positionisdefault, which will give you the ability to choose whether you want to operate your gun for machine or manual, and whether you want to handle the red lobster or the green lobster as the base model. The green lobster is sure to be a favorite with those of you who appreciate to get up close and personal with your prey.