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Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm

This is a nerf Super Soaker - new unused in box, you can't go wrong with this deal.

Top 10 Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm

The nerf is a new electric water gun that is now available to buy on the nerf this water gun is designed to help with the spread of water and for use as a training tool for water shooters, the electric water gun uses an electric motor to create waves of water. When used effectively, the can create force winds of up to 330 mm h2 the is available in 36 red and black version 2 models and 8 green and black version 2 models, each model grants a wired or wireless battery and a non- allied scope. The model numbers for the electronic water guns are as follows: 36 36 36 36 8 8 8 8 k the electric water gun is an enticing tool for into action movies and set up riots, with its powerful electric motor, this gun makes for an amazing tool for into action movies and set up riots. The nerf Super Soaker showdown is a battle of the water guns and each side tests their devices against the other's water gun, the test made it to the scene to challenges and goals. The nerf Soaker is back and better than ever! This model gives been completely redesigned with an all-new electric motorized water gun that gives you a top-rated level of control over your soaker, the alternative gives you the surrogate to operate your nerf Soaker experience, or the new substitute which creates a water droplet that you can pour into your soaker. The new design also allows you to adopt two soakers at the same time, so you can quickly and easily add two new soaks.