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Nerf Swordfish

Looking for a high-quality scar imitation mod kit for nerf stryfe gun? Don't look anywhere than the worker Swordfish blaster, this mod kit comes with a blaster and stylus, making it a practical add-on for your gun.

Nerf Swordfish Ebay

This worker imitation mod kit is for the nerf swordfish, it includes an ak-105 rifle, a sheath, and a holster. The sheath allows the worker to carry a Swordfish without having to carry it around with them, the rifle allows the worker to fire Swordfish rounds. The sheath helps store the Swordfish rounds in the worker's hand, this is a worker mod extended battery door cover for the Swordfish blaster. It gives the user a safe and secure place to store their batteries, the worker mod extended battery door cover imparts a spacious design for the user to store their batteries. It also offers a door closure that makes it straightforward to keep track of what is inside, the Swordfish kit comes with an and a Swordfish case. The allows you to create new blasters very easily, and is terrific for learning, the Swordfish case protects your Swordfish perfectly. This is a nerf Swordfish toy blaster that is completely automatic, it needs no input from the user and is capable of cutting through water up to 18 feet long.