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Nerf War Red Vs Blue

This nerf War Red Vs Blue set offers you a peerless alternative to show your Red team dominance while also providing some Blue players some playing value, this set comes with a face mask and weight, so it's beneficial for keeping your safety and health in mind.

Blue Nerf Guns

The Blue nerf guns are back and this time, the precision is no longer for the taking! In this set, you can find two different masks for your nerf rival precision battling face mask, the Blue guns bring back memories of the quality to your battlefield, and the Blue masks help you to maintain that look. Order your Blue guns today and show you that you still have the better product! The nerf Blue gun is back and better than ever! This new set comes with a rival precision battling face mask Red and blue, by who takes the most damage in a period of time, the Blue set gives you the best chance to win. So, which is it? The Blue nerf gun is back and better than ever! This set of two Blue nerf guns comes with a face mask of different colors to battle against your rivals, the nerf guns for girl are always the Blue models, because they are the most popular. But there is a new set of Blue models coming to the market, that is the nerf rival precision battling face mask, this set is new and there are no deals available for it. So, don't miss out on this valuable set.