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Nerf Worker Mag

This tactical magazine coupler for nerf Worker Mag clip is black and slides top for modifying your toy, this is a beneficial alternative to add an extra layer of protection for your toy and make it easier to remove and store.

Nerf 22 Round Mag

This Mag fit for a Worker mod (worker modified) and magazine clip colors) is manufactured of mdf, it gives a stock design with a black battery cover and red and blue checkerboard shape on the top. It is night and day difference with the black battery cover and red and blue checkerboard shape on the top, the battery cover is green and the checkerboard is black. This Mag provides a stock design with a green battery cover and red checkerboard shape on the top, the Worker 22 darts magazine quick reload clip for nerf n-strike elite is designed to help you reload your darts with greater efficiency. This clip is produced of durable plastic and imparts a silver-colored coating to make it straightforward to read, the clip also includes a quick reload indicator to help you keep track of when you have used your clip. This is a Worker model nerf toy that uses 22 round magazines, it extends a dart clip for effortless access to 15 rounds. It is a first-class tool for workers and practitioners of self-defense, this is a nerf 22 Mag for a model ak-47 that can be custom made to your own design. It will hold 22 round magazines, the Mag is likewise uncomplicated to take apart and put together again, making it an effortless and quick project.