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Vintage Nerf Football

This is a Vintage rare parker bros, nerf turbo screamer football. It is in black, and is from 1989, it is a very rare product, and is a flat price of $59. We have many more like it, for sale at our price, so don't miss out on this terrific deal.

Football Blue

Vintage NERF football blue

By Unbranded


Old Nerf Football

This is a modern day marvel- old-school in every way! The game of Football is collected in one place, back when leaders were determined by how many goals they could win, this blue and silver Football with the black letters "kenner" on the side is still the star player, and no one can touch him! The inside is in valuable condition with no marks, and the print is clean. The sealed condition is a plus! This is a Vintage rare 1990 nerf turbo screamer Football orange black, the players are black and they are all very old and used. There is a few small marks on the jersey but overall it is a very good condition player, there is a little plastic tag that renders his name and number on it. But overall a best-in-class player to have in any collection! This is a Vintage nerf turbo screamer Football yellow game, it is in top-rated condition and features a black finish. The game instructions included, this game was used more than any other nerf turbo screamer Football game. This is a Vintage rare nerf brain ball Football 1995 kenner collectible used, the ball is in excellent condition with only a few small dings and scratches. The nerf ball was created in the 1990 s and was used in various competitions and Vintage nerf is only the second time that it is used in a Football game, the kenner Football as well unique in that it is the only one with a green and red "nerf" logo.